NSL Solutions

EyeStar-S4 Half Duplex Radio

Low Swap-C, Sat-to-sat Radio Providing 24/7 connection
  • 24/7 Connection, RX/TX in seconds
  • No ground station required
  • Tumble-proof (up to 12rpm)
  • Easily access your data through an online console

Heritage: as of 2014. 180+ Eyestar Radios in orbit.

Image shows the EyeStar-S4 radio.
Image shows Black Box.

NSL Black Box

24/7 Diagnostics, Telemetry, Commanding
  • Includes EyeStar S4 and GPS
  • Mulitiple form factors available
  • Capable of independent power system
  • Autonomous TLE reporting to 18th squadron
  • Risk reduction and increased mission assurance

Heritage: as of 2018.

FastBus™ CubeSat and ThinSat

A turn-key bus solution in a vareity of innovative form factors
  • 1U through 12U available
  • Payload space from 0.5U to 9U
  • Payload integration available
  • Every FastBus integrates EyeStar S4

Heritage: 10+ FastBus satellites with 100% mission success 90 Thin-Sat Constellations Launched in 2019, 2021

Image shows the multiple form factors that FastBus CubeSats and ThinSats are abailible in.
Image shows a Troop satellite.


hosted Payload launching every 6 months starting at $100k
  • Fully provisioned
  • Up to four (4x) payload slots per mission
  • Increase your payloads TRL
  • Starting at $100k

Heritage: Inflight: Jan ’21 | Jun ’21 | May ’22 | Scheduled: Q4 ’23 | Q1 ’24