Our Solutions

Satellite Solutions


NSL offers a number of affordable platforms to get your small satellite project off the ground. Choose a frame from our 1U, 2U, 3U, and 6U rigid unibody structures. This platform is a turnkey solution, offering your project solar arrays, electrical power systems, certified LiPoly batteries with protection, Globalstar 24/7 simplex radio and antenna, ground station, harness, and inhibit switches. This will catapult you to a technology readiness level of 7-9 for subsystems. Our intent is to make it as simple as possible to focus on your mission’s goals.

Communication Solutions


NSL understands that in the modern era of space exploration, communication is a vital element of mission success. NSL created a means for you to acquire 24/7 global data in near real time. This enables quicker detection of problems, and more frequent readings from your satellite. This whole system is enabled by the GlobalStar constellation, whose 30 satellite constellation and vast network of ground stations provides constant access to your satellite via the NSL console.This virtual ground station is not only constantly available, but also saves costs on get your small satellite project off the ground.

Data Solutions


Everything you wanted to know. Anytime, anywhere.

Take advantage of NSL’s data service to access any of your data, whenever you want it, however you want it. Got internet access? You’ve got it all. Use our web-based console to track your satellite or balloon pod in real-time during the flight. No ground station needed!

High Altitude Ballooning


Explore the frontier of high altitude science!  Launch a personal experiment, or a high-tech pod.  Track your balloon anytime, anywhere, with real time data logging.  Backed by years of experience, NSL’s high altitude ballooning products afford you the opportunity to practice science at high altitudes with the confidence that you will be able to execute your mission successfully.