TROOP Missions

Launches Every 3-6 Months

Starting at $100K

Train Rapid On Payload (TROOP) is hosted payload program launching on commercial launch providers every 3 to 6 months. Each TROOP offers four (4x) payload slots that allow customers quick and regular access to orbit. TROOP provides affordable and rapid turns on research iterations, a consistent opportunity to increase TRL numbers, and a variety of testing pathways for government, commercial, and research institutions starting at $100K.

TROOP enables rapid, repeatable testing of systems and subsystems enabling cost effective means of getting research into space. This makes TROOP perfect for sensor testing or any variety of commercial and government missions. TROOP provides all vital flight components (EPS, EyeStar radio, battery, flight processor, etc.) allowing you to focus on your payload.

NSL provides a payload emulator allowing you to ensure integration of your payload to the BUS. Then, because of the onboard EyeStar S4, you have access to your payload data 24/7 via the NSL Console.

The figure right shows a breakaway CAD drawing of each of the four (4) payload slots. Customers can purchase one (1) or multiple slots per TROOP mission. 

TROOP attached to Sherpa FX Ring launched via SpaceX Falcon 9

Need More Space?

FastBus CubeSats offers traditional satellite sizes with built in power and communication systems.