Innovation Meets Heritage

Gone are the days” when innovation means absence of heritage…NSL brings nearly a decade of on-orbit success and experience to some of the most innovative and agile efforts of the burgeoning space industry.


NearSpace Launch, Inc. is dedicated to removing the friction that hinders innovation and access to space.

We are focused on the rapid delivery of small satellites and 24/7 communication hardware for space and earth-space boundary exploration.


The innovations and solutions we offer today are a result of facing challenges similar to yours. Dr. Hank Voss, Chief Scientist, and Mr. Jeff Dailey, Chief Engineer, have a combined experience of over 70 years, and our team of engineers and business professionals is eager to apply our lessons learned to help you achieve maximum on-orbit success.

NSL offers affordable and reliable CubeSat systems and subsystems. They specialize in uninterrupted global satellite communication hardware by leveraging existing commercial sat-to-sat networks. NSL has collaborated with government agencies like SSC, AFRL, NASA, and DARPA, as well as more than 100 commercial and academic teams. In the past decade, NSL has successfully launched over 100 satellites and 800 systems and subsystems including over 180 EyeStar Radios.

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