Launch and Early Orbit Risk Reduction through 24/7 Connectivity

NSL’s research and innovations continue to increase space capability for DoD and Other Government Agencies. NSL’s Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) products support a variety of National Defense Strategy goals and requirements. NSL stands ready and eager to engage government requirements and leverage its position as an agile and nimble company on the leading edge of our national security and research needs.

Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) Applications for Government:

Category 1

Launch & early orbit risk reduction

C2 / SA of spacecraft (Space Domain Awareness)

Coms redundancy supporting hybrid architecture

Prolific solution to space track

Autonomous TLE reporting to 18th SDS

Mission Assurance / Failure Reporting

Category 2

Rapid and affordable on orbit payload testing

Innovative SmallSat form factors for rapid testing

Single launch satellite constellations

Build-out / Maintenance of hybrid architecture


| EyeStar-S4 and Black Box |


Using the commercial Iridium network to relay satellite data and commands, the Black Box provides government operators with unparalleled risk reduction in the early stages of deployment. The Black Box is affordable commanding and tracking redundancy and with immediate connection – literally seconds after deployment. Black Box begins transmitting PNT and H&S data minutes/hours before ground station contact and remains an autonomous beacon for ephemeris, environmental, and satellite H&S throughout the mission – always ready to transmit commands in seconds.

The Black Box incorporates the EyeStar-S4 and adds GPS as a baseline, with additional options to increase independence from your satellite Bus – which provides redundancy like no other device on the market. The ability to configure or integrate independent Bus features give operators access to H&S reports in a failed state, and throughput of TLE/commands despite 12+ RPM tumble. Black Box gives you TLE, H&S, commanding, and more, from deployment to burn in.  

Prolific use of the Black Box for autonomous TLE beaconing strengthened by its lack of dependence on ground stations changes the game for all operators, but satisfies significant Space Domain Awareness goals for DoD users seeking integrated C2 and SA across all warfighting domains. 

Easily configure the Black Box to transmit TLE directly to the 18th SDS; the Black Box is the Mode C transponder of space navigation and is the way of the future…

Key Features:

  • Launch & Early Orbit Risk Reduction
  • Autonomous Beaconing 
  • 24/7 Global Connection 
  • Latency of Seconds 
  • No Ground Stations Required 
  • End-to-end: Console to Radio
  • Access Your Satellite on a Cell Phone 
  • Connection Through 12+ RPM Tumble 
  • Uplink & Downlink Capable 
  • Very Low SWaP-C 


| FastBus™  CubeSat  |  Thin-Sat™ Constellations  |  TROOP Missions |

NSL’s FastBus CubeSat is a turn-key CubeSat Bus with industry leading payload space available and includes the EyeStar-S4 – passing on the benefits of anywhere connection. Delivered to DoD customers in as little as 45 Days, NSL is your partner in flexibility and speed to orbit. Available in 1U through 12U. 

RAPSAT and SWAP-E are Space Force and NASA R&D projects resulting in innovative breakdowns of the standard 6U CubeSat form factor. RAPSAT and SWAP-E are now two novel satellite Bus and payload systems that employ a constellation in a single 6U launch. Perfect for rapid testing, constellation studies, built-out/maintenance of the hybrid architecture, space weather and more; this proven innovation serves government customers today and is available OTS for future missions.

TROOP Missions are hosted payload opportunities that launch on a regular cadence at an affordable rate – enabling rapid increases in TRL numbers or proofs of concept. TROOP is fully provisioned and offers up to 4x payload slots per mission starting at $100k per slot. Ensure your payload interfaces with our TROOP emulator and receive your data/send commands via the onboard EyeStar-S4.