Commercial Applications

NSL provides satellite engineers and operators with 24/7 communication capabilities as well several ways to expedite their timeline to orbit.  

Access your satellite’s data and push commands within seconds of clicking send.

| EyeStar-S4 and Black Box |

Never lose touch with your satellite. No groundstations required.

Turn-key CubeSat Bus in as little as 45 Days, 1U through 12U 

| FastBus™  CubeSat |

It’s possible to get a turn-key CubeSat Bus delivered to your door in as little as 45 days.

Rapid, Regular, and Affordable On Orbit Payload Opportunities

| TROOP Missions starting at $100K | 

It’s possible to get a payload in orbit, starting at $100k…fully provisioned, every six months.

Unparalleled 24/7 Connection | Now With Commanding

The EyeStar lineup has connected more than 200 satellites to the Globalstar or Iridium networks, providing true around-the-clock connection since 2014. With the EyeStar-S4 and our NSL console (API capable), you can send commands and access all your data transmitted through the radio on your cell phone or computer in seconds of transmission. 

Mission Assurance | Responsible Space Operations 

The Black Box incorporates the EyeStar-S4 and adds GPS as a baseline, with additional options to increase independence from your satellite Bus – which provides redundancy like no other device on the market. The ability to configure or integrate independent Bus features give operators access to H&S reports in a failed state, and throughput of TLE/commands despite 12+ RPM tumble. Black Box gives you TLE, H&S, commanding, and more, from deployment to burn in.  

Access Your Satellite With Your Phone

Via The NSL Console

Key Features

  • Autonomous Beaconing 
  • 24/7 Global Connection 
  • Latency of Seconds 
  • No Ground Stations Required 
  • Very Low SWaP-C 
  •  End-to-end: Console to Radio
  • Connection Through 12+ RPM Tumble 
  • Uplink & Downlink Capable