NSL Thin-Sat

About the NSL Thin-Sat

Thin-Sats are a innovative CubeSat form factor that reduces the cost of putting payloads in orbit and increasing TLE. In 2019 NSL launched 90 ThinSats with education institutions across the nation. Since then, NSL has continued to mature the Thin-Sat in order to increase educational and commercial institutions ability to affordably test components and projects in orbit.

Recently, working with Space Force and NASA, NSL has developed two more commercialized Thin-Sat variants of the standard 6U CubeSat form factor. RAPSAT and SWAP-E are now two novel satellite Bus and payload systems that employ a constellation in a single 6U launch. Perfect for rapid testing, constellation studies, space weather research, and more; this proven innovation is serving customers today with more manifested in the future.  

Need More Space?

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