High Altitude Research

At NearSpace Launch inc., we pride ourselves on our long history of high altitude research. With over 400  launches and recoveries and a 99.7% success rate, NSL’s flight proven technology and professional staff assures mission success for a wide array of mission scenarios.

EyePod High Altitude Ballooning Systems


Tiny but powerful, this game changing technology will guarantee the success of your balloon launches.  With the EyePod in your payload, it becomes possible to use internet-based tracking in near real time with high speed data capture.  Never lose another data packet or payload.

Here are some of types of data you could gather:

  • Latitude, longitude
  • Altitude
  • Max altitude
  • Balloon speed
  • GPS status
  • etc.

Launch a personal experiment, or a high-tech pod.  Brave urban or aquatic conditions with our game-changing engineering.  At NSL, our experience with high altitude ballooning gives us unique insights into the problems that you will face.


All-in-one with GPS, SD Card, Data Logger, and EyeStar Communication System.

The EyePod-4 is a small, research/commercial grade unit that gives balloon launches highly reliable, state of the art, internet based tracking and real time data capture along with high speed data logging from many sensors. Supported by the Globalstar network, you will get anytime, anywhere data.

EyePod-4 Mini

Rough flight ahead? The EyePod-4 Mini keeps you connected with a lower cost and lower profile for mission success.

The EyePod-4 Mini is a small, miniaturized research/commercial grade unit that gives balloon launches highly reliable, real time data capture along with high speed data logging from many sensors. The narrow profile of the structure allows it to be mounted inside the neck of the balloon. This provides extremely safe flight operation, with zero potential for damage to the pod from turbulence.

Hydrochute for EyePod-4 Mini

Worried about a water landing? Try the HydroChute.

The HydroChute for EyePod-4 Mini was built to withstand high altitudes while ensuring that your payload will be recoverable in the event of a water landing. Explore the atmosphere above cities such as New York or Chicago without worrying about water destroying your instruments. Recover your pods from water landings. Launch balloons right from wherever you are.

Disposable Option for EyePod-4 Mini

Know you won’t be able to recover your balloon pod? Go Disposable.

You can order a Disposable EyePod-4 Mini for an even lower cost and fewer worries.


Need more sensors and more data? Your answer is the XPod.

The XPod is an additional balloon pod that hangs below the EyePod-4. It is able to have sensors, modems, and instrumentation mounted to it, and transmit that data wirelessly to the EyePod-4 unit via the 900 MHz band. Whether there is not enough space in the EyePod-4 unit, instruments which require isolation and spacing, or different groups in charge of their own pod, the XPod is simple, cost effective way to increase the scope of your mission.

900 MHz Chase System

Don’t worry about visually tracking your balloon.

Use our 900 MHz Chase System to track down your EyePod-4 Mini.

Tree Release

Don’t get treed. NSL’s Tree Release Option frees you up.

With this option, if your balloon’s tethers are ensnared in tree branches, you can release your EyePod-4 with the press of a button.


Let us do the leg work with Launch-For-Hire.

With NSL’s Launch-For-Hire option, we’ll take as much of the work on as you want. Tell us the data you want to gather, and we will launch your balloon, chase it for you, and organize the data for you. You can be involved in as much or as little as you want!